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Team building with great learning outcomes that you can use to kickstart 2021 with meaning and purpose

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*An escape room perfect for teams from 4-25! If you need to speak with someone before booking, schedule a 15 min chat with one of our team now!

Gain diverse perspectives

Creative team building exercises get employees using their imagination. They will be bouncing fresh ideas off of each other, building on those ideas together, and increasing their empathy and listening skills along the way. Understanding diverse perspectives allows you to be a better teammate, employee, and manager.

Build connections

Restore existing connections and build new ones between your people and with your organisation. Uncertainty and remote working through a pandemic has left people feeling isolated during 2020. Our educational activity will bring your team closer together, improving engagement and morale through collaboration and fun.

Listen and be heard

Our Escape Room encourages ALL employees to bring their whole selves to the game, courageously sharing their lived experiences and speaking their truths. At a time in history when we seem more divided than ever, bringing people together through a shared purpose is a meaningful way to start the new year. And set up 2021 for success.

What's included in the RESET 2021 Team Building event?

  • A 20 minute consultation before the escape room to discuss team dynamics and outline how to make the most out of your time in the room.
  • 75 minutes of Escape Room fun: a run-down of this year’s major events, interwoven with diversity and inclusion themes, including:

- Safeguarding mental health & wellbeing;

- COVID-19's impact on vulnerable demographics;

- Challenges and opportunities of remote working;

- Performative vs. tokenistic allyship.

  • Follow up report with session summary, your key stats and recommendations for 2021.
  • A certificate of participation for each team member.


At the end of the session your team will walk away with:

  • A solid grip on how diversity, mental health and belonging have shown up this year.
  • Stronger team bonds with your co-workers from having shared your lived experiences.
  • A boost in team morale, starting 2021 off with motivation and optimism for the year ahead.
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Why do I need this?

We are all glad that 2020 is behind us, but there were some important lessons for society, individuals, and for the workforce to take into 2021.

Things like Diversity & Inclusion, Flexible Working, and Mental Health are now at the top of the management agenda - so how do you galvanise your employees to get them on the same page, and also understand their perspectives on and journeys through these topics?

Makes sense, book me in!

What others say

Team Building

According to Forbes, "Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration".

Engaged Teams

"Engaged teams are 21% more profitable, can see a 41% reduction in absenteeism and up to 59% less turnover". Gallup on how to build "The Right Culture: Not Just About Employee Satisfaction."

Being Effective

"99.1% prefer a workplace where people identify and discuss issues truthfully and effectively. >50 % say their organization discusses issues truthfully and effectively". (Truthhub)

RESET 2021

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*An escape room perfect for teams from 4-25! If you need to speak with someone before booking, schedule a 15 min chat with one of our team now!

Meet your facilitators

Alex D'Sa, Head of Programme at WERKIN


Alex D'Sa | Facilitator at WERKIN

Alex is Head of Programmes at WERKIN, consulting and designing bespoke talent development programmes and training through an inclusive and equitable lens. Alex also has a background in Performing Arts (theatre and television) and so her workshops are immersive and entertaining, however she always ensures participants feel comfortable in the spaces she creates. 

Her most in-demand sessions include: LGBT-specific workshops, Intersectionality and Workplace Policy, and training in allyship.

Ellen Muthu, Facilitator at WERKIN

Ellen Muthu | Facilitator at WERKIN

Ellen (she/her/hers) is a 'third-culture kid' and facilitator at WERKIN who aims to make learning both fun and impactful. After almost five years as a management consultant, she now channels her passion for equity and inclusion into creating and delivering highly interactive workshops that get participants stuck right in with a topic.

Her most highly requested sessions have centred around inclusive mentoring, challenging structural racism in the workplace, and interrupting microaggressions.

People love our events

Roxana Chu @ Bloomberg

"Bloomberg invited Alex to facilitate our D&I event back in March 2020, Alex facilitated a really useful, impactful, and engaging discussion around race and sexuality at this event. Diversity & Inclusion is clearly top of her agenda and she was able to bring people together around quite sensitive subject matters".

Workshop Participant @ Formula 1

"Ellen, a massive thank you for the session you ran on microaggressions and anti-racism. It was interactive, informative, necessary and the delivery was amazing. I look forward to more sessions in the future and to seeing more of your work".

Workshop Participant @ EA Environment Agency

"One of the best learning experiences I've had, really well-run and the content was fantastic. I'm currently working on an allies theme as part of our BAME network and this has given me so many ideas and thoughts to take forward with our members. Thank you so much Ellen".

Claire Swallow @ Fora

"Alex was a fantastic addition to the panel bringing her extensive knowledge on LGBT+ and D&I issues to the table, as well as being a warm presence and having an eloquent and humorous manner when expressing her points".

D&I Manager @ Dept for Transport

"Brilliant facilitation and such a wonderfully curated and informative workshop. Really enjoyed working with you, Ellen, the content hit the nail on the head".

Workshop Participant @ Arcadis

"I found your workshop to be incredibly insightful and has challenged me to be honest with my unconscious biases and what to do with them. Thanks  so much Ellen".

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